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A cool photo. rite weird to look at.

A cool photo. rite weird to look at.


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July 26, 2012 · 9:23 am

Supertrooper (pre-empire strikes) back prototype/promotional Boba Fett – I’m feeling furture project coming on…!

Supertrooper pre-empire strikes back prototype/promotional Boba Fett - I'm feeling furture project coming on...!

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July 11, 2012 · 3:28 pm

……thirteenpaces is born.

Ayyyt. This bit of words and pictures exists to show off my work, simple as. I aim to be a sort of jack of all trades.  When I say that I actually mean quite specifically….tailoring, leatherwork, costume building, prop making, and blacksmithering…all in good time. Wide repotoiiiire as it were….

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